Arduino Installation Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial on how to install the Arduino software and library needed for our Bescor controller.  Note: Arduino 1.0.5 drivers are compatible with Windows 8.

Step 1: Download

Download the Arduino 1.0.5 Windows Installer.


Step 2: Installation

Run the arduino-1.0.5-windows.exe

Arduino Setup Agreement

Arduino License Agreement:  Click – I Agree


Arduino Setup Installation Options

Arduino Setup Installation Options:  Click – Next >


Arduino Setup Installation Folder

Arduino Setup Installation Folder:  Browse  for a destination or Click – Install


Arduino Setup Installing

Arduino Setup:  Installing


Arduino Setup Completed

Arduino Setup: Completed


Arduino Windows Security

Arduino Windows Security:  Click – Install


Arduino Device Setup

If we are successful, the Arduino will show in device manager once we plug it in.


Arduino Device Manager

Complete!  We’re ready to install the library.


Step 3: WiiChuck Library Download

Download the Wiichuck


Arduino Libraries

Unzip the file in the Arduino library folder.

Finished!  Now we can begin connecting the Nunchuck and Bescor to the Arduino.

Bescor MP-101 Hack Part 1

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