Bescor MP-101 and Arduino V2

This is a followup of a better way to control the Bescor using the Arduino UNO from this tutorial  (Update: Working on a new setup and hopefully have the code up soon.)


Here’s a breakdown of how the original controller works .


White = up

Blue = down

Yellow = left

Green = right

Black = Ground

Red = 5v

Purple = Speed

When a button is pressed, an electrical current passes through one of the directional wires to the Bescor.  The red wire is 5v and sends the current through the slider that changes the voltage and returns to the Bescor through the purple wire.

I’m still experimenting, but here’s how I connected the wires to the Arduino using the original Bescor controller

White = pin 8

Blue = pin 9

Yellow = pin 10

Green = pin 12

Purple = pin 3

Without looking inside the Bescor, I didn’t know if this is the best setup.  I tried connecting the direction wires and ground to control the speed, but it didn’t work.  The solution was to use the purple wire as my speed control and change the voltage like on the Bescor controller slider using PWM.  The direction can be controlled by setting the digital pins HIGH “on” or LOW “off”.

Here’s the code:


I still want to improve the code, but I want to thank  Bill Porter & Rick Gernhardt for the ideas.

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