Arduino Ethernet Shield Client and Server

I want to share a project that uses two Arduinos to communicate over LAN as a client and server.  These two sketches were made for a pan/tilt controller, but you can modify the code to send other data.






  1. Matt, I notice in your client/server version of the code that you are using different pins to the Bescor and not setting the PWM freqs as you did with v2.4. Are the freqs handled differently with the client/server version? What is optimal?

    With my setup is using the v2.4 connection and I am seeing up/down working very close to what I need as far as smoothness, but the right/left is a little too jerky.

    UP – 10 (timer 1)
    DN – 9 (timer 1)
    LF – 11 (timer 2)
    RT – 3 (timer 2)

    UP – 9 (timer 1)
    DN – 3 (timer 2)
    LF – 6 (timer 0)
    RT – 5 (timer 0)

    BTW, you’ve done a great job with this. It has been interesting to follow your efforts.

    Joe Key

    • The Ethernet Shield stopped working when I tried to use the same pins on v2.4. Also, the timer was messing up the connection. Yes, it seems the up and down is a little smoother. I remember having trouble getting the left and right to be as smooth.

  2. I went ahead and used the PWM pins as you did on your Ethernet setup, but I am using MIDI shields for my interconnect and adjusted their pins to avoid conflict. FWIW, instead of using the Wii Nunchuck, I am using an old school analog joystick. Hoping to find the right tweak to be able to use in a live performance setting. The choice to use/experiment with MIDI will allow me to have servo pan/tilt cameras that I can store multiple positions, though with the MP-101, that is not possible. Thanks again your efforts.

  3. Why do you have written server.begin() in void setup() in the client version of arduino program?

    • You’re correct. Its not necessary to use server.begin() for the client side of things, but I’ll have to look back to see why I did that.


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